You can make preschool activities as easy and as fun as you like; from singing songs, helping to remember nursery rhymes, reading books, to telling funny stories. Preschool can be fun but also children learn so much to get them ready for big school. You can teach children nursery rhymes, number counting, the alphabet etc. This can be done through song and play. Also you can do art with them, put on a play at Christmas, Easter etc and invite all their family along.

Here are some fun activities to do step by step:

Circle time

Get all the children to sit around in a circle.

Ask the children their news of the day and let each one tell their news or story they have.

They will be interacting and socializing with the rest of their friends and also the teacher.

Follow the leader

Get the children to line up and chose a leader.

Whatever the leader does; the children follow.

Let the children take turns being the leader.

Quack like a duck

Chose one of the children to be the leader and let the rest pretend to be ducks.

When the leader says ‘duck’ tell all the rest to duck down.

When the leader starts quacking, the rest get up.

Silly statues

Explain to the children what a statue is.

The children then turn into a statue and try and stay that way for 10 seconds.

Choose a different leader and so on.

Down by the banks

Get the children to stand in a circle.

Get them to sing the song ‘down by the banks’. While the children are singing, get them to pass a soft ball around to each other.

When they sing the last word of the song which is ‘kerplop’; the child that is holding the ball has to bounce it.

Whatever child catches the ball starts again.

Ring a ring a Rosie

Ask the children to hold hands and stand around in a circle.

While singing the song ‘ring a ring a rosie’ get them to move around in the circle.

When it comes to the end of the song, ‘we all fall down’, the children drop to the floor.

Simon says

Ask one child to be Simon and they stand in front of the rest.

The Simon asks the children to do whatever he or she wants.

The children only do it when he or she says ‘Simon says’ before the action.