The best way to manage a classroom is to ensure that the students don’t have any reason to be off task.

That’s what everyone says isn’t it? Well, that’s because it is true.
classroom management

The teachers who have impeccable classroom management skills are the teachers who have a plan for every inevitability; whether that be an advanced student finishing a task early, a lower ability student needing constant support or that one chatty student who can manage to relate any topic to what they did at the weekend.

Create a good environment for your students

It is about knowing your students, knowing their triggers and creating a low arousal environment that they can do nothing in but focus on you and your teaching. Students want to learn, they just might not want to admit it – you need to find a way of harnessing their individual talents to further their own progression.

So, you have a student who is a “know it all”? Sit them next to the student who needs support and nominate them teacher’s assistant for the day. You have a student who is a “chatterbox”, so make them class spokesperson. When staging group discussions, get this student to go around and collect all the answers and present them to the class. Use what you have in front of you!

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“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” is probably one of the most common phrases to come out of a classroom. This assumed superiority of a teacher over students will only force your student into a confrontation with you and therefore escalate the situation.

Classroom management skills

Classroom management is not about what the students do but about what you do. If you are constantly scolding your students for their indiscretions big or small, the students will only ever expect this and therefore will behave accordingly. If you take a more positive approach such as, “Thank you for sitting down”, or even “Why don’t we take a 2-minute break?” You allow students to engage in a positive conversation with you and an opportunity to refocus themselves.

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Know your students!

Mentioned time and time again, knowing your students is essential in every aspect of teaching. If you don’t know who the individuals are in your classroom you have got no hope of getting through to them. So, next time you sit down to plan a lesson don’t go straight to your specification, get your register and student profiles out instead.